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For a colored stone (any gem other than diamond), color is the most important factor in determining quality. To the color scientist, given an opaque, matt-finished object, there are three dimensions …

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dimension: [noun] the number of elements in a basis (see basis 5) of a vector space. the quality of spatial extension : magnitude, size. a lifelike or realistic quality. the range over which or the degree to which something extends : scope. one of the elements or factors making up a …

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Stone Cladding Preconstruction Evaluation--examines doctoral thesis research work performed at the University of Illinois, regarding the use of impulse-generated stress waves as a nondestructive means of determining stone properties. Stone Weathering And Durability--details methods of durability assessment currently used in the U.S. and ...

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Created by a tight-knit group of local artisans, Dutch Quality Stone veneers exhibit all the unique qualities of nature in a range of dependable, easy-to-install options for homes and commercial properties.

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The Stone With a Diversity of Uses. People have used granite for thousands of years. It is used as a construction material, a dimension stone, an architectural stone, a decorative stone, and it has also been used to manufacture a wide variety of products. Granite is used in buildings, bridges, paving, monuments, and many other exterior projects.

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properties, the physical properties of a rock are merely the minimum qualification in determining whether it is fit for use in dimension stone applications. The ultimate success in marketing a natural stone as a dimension stone lies firstly in its appearance, and secondly in the possibility of producing

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4 GEOLOGIC APPRAISAL OF DIMENSION-STONE DEPOSITS properties, geologic and economic features, and industrial aspects of general nature that are directly related in the broadest sense to geologic modes of occurrence. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The writer finds it …

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Committees are established which focus on and have jurisdiction over standards for different designations, such as Dimensional Stone (Committee C18) or Cement (Committee C01). These committees are made up of several subcommittees which are tasked to develop and discuss individual segments within the committee's jurisdiction.

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Natural defects in ornamental/commercial rock deposits adversely affect the quality of rock deposit. Detection of natural defects in decorative and dimensional stone industry play vital role in the quality assessment. India is pioneer in the exploration, mining of commercial rock deposits and in establishing a firm base for stone industry.

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This paper addresses the two problems that arise in evaluating dimension-stone quarries: absence of a single quality variable and classification of blocks of stone. In constructing the single variable, an approach considering multivariate spatial relations of a number of variables that affect quality of dimension-stone is proposed.

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Created by a tight-knit group of local artisans, Dutch Quality Stone veneers exhibit all the unique qualities of nature in a range of dependable, easy-to-install options for homes and commercial properties.

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Sculptor.org is an eclectic, investment-grade collection of sculpture from the most renowned artists in their field. The site introduces buyers to this select group of internationally revered sculptors, allowing them the opportunity to purchase limited-edition pieces or …


This group of stones, in a commercial sense, includes many stone materials that are not true granites by geological definition. They are commercially sold as granite due to similar working and performance properties. These are some of the hardest dimensional stones, offering high levels of resistance to abrasion and scratching.


Dimension stone has its own unique qualities that not only distinguish it from man-made materials, but also should be considered in selecting it for a particular project. Stone is not manufactured; it is a product of nature. Blocks are removed from the quarry, slabs are …

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of quality products. Page 2-2 • Standards and Specifications for Stone Products 2016 Marble Institute of America 3.2 Most architectural specifications require that stone meet certain specified ASTM or other testing standards before it will be accepted for use. ... Dimension Stone . Standards

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ANSI/NSC 373 Sustainable Production of Natural Dimension Stone and Natural Stone Council Chain of Custody standards use a four-tiered rating system created in a mechanism that differentiates natural dimension stone companies that demonstrate environmental leadership through commitment to sustainable operations and continued innovation.

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Dimension stone in use can last many generations, even centuries, so the dimension stone manufacturers have not needed a product recycling program. However, there are practical qualifications to and constraints on that sustainability. The dimension stone color and pattern can be changed by weathering when it is very near the surface.

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Canada's production and consumption of dimensional stone are growing at a healthy rate. Paul Daniel has conducted a search across the world's second largest country. Its extremely big, cold in the winter, has six time zones, the maple leaf is its national symbol and it is a member of the G8. The population is a little over 32 million, of ...

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Dimension Stone is stone that is cut and finished to specified sizes and shapes, which can be used for buildings, monuments, paving, furniture, and decorative objects. Sometimes called cut stone, it is typically quarried in rectangular blocks, then sawed and finished to specification.